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Neopor heater
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Neopor® heater – the new word in thermal insulation. The heater of Neopor® is an innovative solution from the BASF company for improvement of quality of thermal insulation at construction of new houses and reconstruction of the existing structures. Neopor® is a made foam...
Group: Plates foampolystyrene
Substrate (mats) for a heat-insulated floor
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The substrate or mats for a heat-insulated floor are made of expanded polystyrene and intended for use at the device of floors with water heating. The combination of unique properties of material and the production technology, allow to receive a product which at the same time serves as thermal...
Group: Heat insulating materials for floors
Packing from polyfoam
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Packing, boxes, thermal containers from expanded polystyrene is applied to food and nonfood products. Polyfoam belongs to materials with high coefficient of absorption of energy (depreciation of concussions and blows), has excellent heat-insulating properties and is capable to maintain considerable...
Group: Packing from foam
Panels under a brick tile
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The Ecotherm® thermopanels - esthetic warming of facades!Heat-insulating panels for a facade under a brick tile! Panels are executed from EPS or Neopor®, keep heat and protect a building facade from moisture hit.On front part of heat-insulating elements there are longitudinal guides under a...
Group: Thermal panels
Packing and products from expanded polystyrene
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Packing from expanded polystyrene are made by two methods: Formation: This method production of packing with high consumer characteristics. The construct of packing is developed according to requirements of the customer. Formation is necessary for packing production by method: to develop construct...
Group: Packaging
Packing and products from a penopolipropilen
Custom order | Only wholesale 
The made foam EPP polypropylene (penopolipropilen, EPP) - externally this material is very similar to the made foam expanded polystyrene (polyfoam), but differs from it in the improved mechanical properties – durability, durability and ability to resist to loadings. EPP polypropylene...
Group: One-time packaging
Packing and products from Piocelan
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Packing and products from the material PIOCELAN, the Japanese development of the SEKISUI company TM Ecotherm is ready to present to the Ukrainian market new material which we use for production of products and packing of Piocelan®. Piocelan ® combines stability and low density of polystyrene...
Group: Packaging
The cartridge for seedling of coniferous cultures, 74 yacheek
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The cartridge for saplings of coniferous culturesOverall dimensions of the cartridge (mm) - 650х312х180Quantity of cells under saplings (piece) - 74Cell volume (ml.) - 200The cartridge under seedling of coniferous cultures are intended for application in forest and garden nurseries for planting of...
Group: Cassettes for seedlings
Production of cartridges for seedling
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Production of cartridges from expanded polystyrene in Ukraine. Cartridges are manufactured under the order, according to requirements of the customer of any complexity and a configuration (quantity of cells, purpose of the cartridge, material density, the choice of raw materials, etc.). We cover...
Group: Expendable materials for greenhouses
The cartridge for seedling of vegetable cultures, 160 cells
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The cartridge under seedling from EPS, 160 cells,Density is 40 (kg/m3)Length is 518 (mm) Width is 325 (mm) Height is 52 (mm)Quantity of cells in the cartridge of 160 (pieces) The volume of a cell is 0,021 (dm3) Weight of the cartridge (gram) 200 The main advantages of cultivation of seedling...
Group: Cassettes for seedlings
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Production of packing and products under the orderProduction of packing and products of any complexity and configuration from: EPS, Neopor, Piocelan, EPP. We ask you to apply for detailed information by phone +38 044 207 53 06.
Group: Branded Packaging
Products and packing under the order from the made foam polyfoams
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We the professional company which is engaged in production of packing and products under the order of any complexity and a configuration iz:eps; Neopor; Piocelan; EPP and other copolymers depending on the purpose and purpose of material. Our company is engaged in production of packing and...
Group: Protective packaging materials
Expanded polystyrene of PSB-S 15 (EPS 30)
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Expanded polystyrene of PSB-S 15 is applied in designs where there are no loads of polyfoam as warm sound-proof material. Treat such designs: warming and sound insulation of interfloor floors on logs, warming of external walls in a wall protection, warming of a cattle roof, and also thermal...
Group: Polystyrene
Foam crumb
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The crumb of polyfoam is a direct product of crushing of material with fraction the crumb size: the 2-5th, packing: bag of 0,25 m3. Droblenka is used for production of polysterene concrete, as shock-absorbing adding. Also shredded granules are a universal heater. If you were engaged in...
Group: Styrofoam
Polystyrene foam heaters (polyfoam, EPS)
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The statistics of the European Association "Association pour la promotion du PSE dans la construction" showed that 8 of 10 private houses in Europe are warmed by the qualitative made foam and formed polystyrene. Expanded polystyrene of PSB-S 15 (EPS 30) Expanded polystyrene of PSB-S 15 is...
Group: Heat insulation


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