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Miscellaneous packaging

Packing from polyfoam
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Packing, boxes, thermal containers from expanded polystyrene is applied to food and nonfood products. Polyfoam belongs to materials with high coefficient of absorption of energy (depreciation of concussions and blows), has excellent heat-insulating properties and is capable to maintain considerable...
Group: Packing from foam
Packing and products from a penopolipropilen
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The made foam EPP polypropylene (penopolipropilen, EPP) - externally this material is very similar to the made foam expanded polystyrene (polyfoam), but differs from it in the improved mechanical properties – durability, durability and ability to resist to loadings. EPP polypropylene...
Group: One-time packaging
Products and packing under the order from the made foam polyfoams
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We the professional company which is engaged in production of packing and products under the order of any complexity and a configuration iz:eps; Neopor; Piocelan; EPP and other copolymers depending on the purpose and purpose of material. Our company is engaged in production of packing and...
Group: Protective packaging materials
Packaging profile
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